New in | Red Vini Boots from Bershka

sexta-feira, janeiro 26, 2018



Today I'm here to show you my recent aquisition in sales. I had my eyes on these boots from Bershka for a while so it had to happen, I had to bought one pair for myself, eheh! I think they are so pretty and they make the difference in any outfit!

Unfortunately, if you are thinking about buying them, they're out of stock. But there are other options of red boots, I think you can easily find one pair you like!


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  1. Também andei este Inverno a pensar comprar umas botas vermelhas mas, acabei por não ver nenhuma que me fizesse dar esse passo.
    Estas tuas são muito giras mas, para o meu estilo considero-as ousadas.


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