Good morning! The days have been really cold. During this time, the only thing that I want to do is stay at home in the couch, watching Netflix all day. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do in the next days. My exams are over and durin next week I will rest before the beggining of the second semester.

Today I leave you with some looks to inspire you for the cold days. Cold is not an excuse and we can look pretty and be comfortable and warm! I hope you like these suggestions!

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  1. Gostei imenso das inspirações que escolheste! Realmente é possível ter muito estilo no Inverno eheh :p Mil beijinhos*


  2. Awesome inspo, thanks for sharing! <3


  3. Adorei o nº 4 e o nº7, inspirações mais lindas!!

    Novo post: http://abpmartinsdreamwithme.blogspot.pt/2018/02/dream-trip-segundo-dia-em-roma-ootd-66.html

    Beijinhos ♥


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